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What is a nurse-midwife?

A certified nurse-midwife (CNM) is a highly educated health professional. Graduation from a Master's level educational program, passing a national certification examination, and state licensure are required to practice as a CNM.

Services We Offer:

Complete care for pregnancy, including childbirth education classes, prescriptions when needed, and 24/7 access to the MAMA midwives.

Complete care for birth, including labor support, relaxation techniques, use of tubs, epidurals, and analgesia when indicated.

Total postpartum support, including breastfeeding assistance, lactation consultants, and a midwife-led postpartum support group.

Gynecological care for all ages.

Family planning counseling and methods.

Counseling for health maintenance and disease prevention.

Alternative insemination.

Interpreter services.

Consultation with or referal to medical specialists, when needed.


MAMA Statistics 2014
Births: 957

Primary Cesarean Sections: 108 (11.29%)

Attempted VBACs: 50 - Successful VBACs: 40

Epidural Rate: 42.84%

Induction Rate: 23%

Augmentation Rate: 27%